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Very often people jeopardise  Fibo Quantum Scalper their hard-earned money by choosing an online transfer method that seems convenient but forgetting about the risks related to the online banking and all the pitfalls in the online digital world. Ask yourself, is it worth risking being out of cash because your laptop has been compromised or someone has stolen your password. There is no need to become paranoid but considering safer options for your currency transfer is a clever move. The companies engaged in transferring currency invest billions a year in security and safety measures to protect not only their business but their customers too so why not take advantage of their expertise.

It is a well heard of story in forums that people where boasting about being 50-100 pips in profit only to see those profits disappear and start eating into their trading balance. The forex market is well known for its unpredictability and difficulty in long term trading prediction but it is also this unpredictability that makes it the most volatile and profitable market in the world. On this page I would like to share a theory on how to use that volatility to take risk free large profits by aiming for just an initial 10 pips that can make you rich.


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