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of medicinal properties in the tea. Those who love drinking it are familiar with its fresh smell and healthy taste.Besides, white tea comes with great health benefits. For one, it contains catechins, which have high anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties. Additionally, catechins have been found to hinder the increase in blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Another study carried out at the Pace University found that white tea can retard the development of bacteria that lead to dental caires, pneumonia, and infections.David Beckham is a football star that enjoys a cup it. Perhaps it is the reason he's always calm while in the field.ConclusionTeas come in numerous varieties with delicious flavors and breathtaking smells. Better still they are naturally free of calories and sugar.Many herbal teas provide health-boosting effects. That is why modern science has started to acknowledge their traditional uses. You should feel free to try tea such as Rooibos (the read tea). As touched earlier, Rooibos tea benefits bone density and


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